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Confessions of a DEI Pro

Oct 19, 2023

In today’s thought provoking episode, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue welcomes Michelle Gyimah, a renowned pay gaps consultant who runs a consultancy called Equality Pays. Michelle helps organisations understand and address gender and ethnicity pay gaps by creating action plans to foster equity within their workplaces. In this eye-opening discussion, Michelle clarifies what a pay gap truly is, emphasising that it goes beyond equal pay. She sheds light on the importance of data analysis and the nuances involved in closing pay gaps. Michelle also dispels common misconceptions, such as the idea that individuals can solve systemic issues by simply asking for higher pay. Throughout the episode, Michelle shares her journey into this dynamic field and offers valuable advice for aspiring pay gap specialists. 


“Yes, we can upskill people, and it's part of your career, and you do have to be responsible for that. You have to take responsibility for owning your career, that's fine. But that doesn't mean that the buck stops with you, and that it's your responsibility to ensure that you close the pay cut for the organisation. No, the organisation has their own work to do because they hold so much more power in that dynamic.”

      Episode Highlights: 


  • What does defining the pay gap really mean

  • Why should we not rely solely on Individuals

  • What advice can be shared with aspiring specialists 


About Michelle Gyimah:

Michelle spent 10 years at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, supporting employers to close their pay gaps through writing guidance reports and running workshops. This was until 2014, when Michelle took voluntary redundancy whilst on maternity leave and Equality Pays was born.

Michelle setup Equality Pays to provide the business coaching, strategy, support, and confidence that organisations want and need. Michelle is on a mission to educate and share what organisations should be focusing on when it comes to addressing the root causes of their pay gaps in order to create more inclusive, equitable workplaces.

Michelle's role is to support organisations in identifying what changes need to be made to close both gender and ethnicity pay gaps so that people choose to work for those organisations and go on to build their careers with them. No matter their gender, ethnicity, or workplace needs.

Podcast: Beyond the Pay Gap Figure


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